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Olympic Posters over the years (1896–2012)

Posters have been a prime means of communication for the modern Olympic Games, designed to herald the event and build up excitement for the sporting spectacle. They are a visual document of sport and art, politics and place. VSUAL showcases 31 such posters that take you on a visual journey from Athens (1896) to London (2012).

1896 – Athens

 1900 – Paris

1904 – St.Louis, USA

 1908 – London

1912 – Stockholm, Sweden

1920 – Antwerp, Belgium

 1924 – Paris, France

1928 – Amsterdam, Holland

 1932 – Los Angeles, USA

1936 – Berlin, Germany

1940 – Helsinki, Finland

1948 – London, UK

1952 – Helsinki, Finland

1956 – Melbourne, Australia

1960 – Rome, Italy

1964 – Tokyo, Japan

1968 – Mexico City, Mexico

1972 – Munich, Germany

1976 – Montreal, Canada

1980 – Moscow, Soviet Union

1984 – Los Angeles, USA

1988 – Seoul, South Korea

1992 – Barcelona, Spain

1996 – Atlanta, USA

2000 – Sydney, Australia

2004 – Athens, Greece

2008 – Beijing, China

2012 – London, UK

So which one is your favorite? Share you opinion in comments below.


Put Yourself in Their Shoes is a series of ‘social posters’ by Irish graphic designer Christopher Scott. Inspired by the works of Stefan Sagmeister, Christopher blends elements of nature, man-made objects and certain props to deliver a strong typographical statement. Sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes shocking, these posters aim to stir-up the audience and bring them face-to-face with the harsh realties of life that millions confront everyday. Featured here are 7 of his posters that deal with a variety of topics ranging from fear to life and from the homeless to hope. This series is an inspiration that encourages students to get away from the computer and experience how expressive and powerful graphic design as a medium of communication is.

Christopher Scott is an award winning internationally recognised social awareness poster designer from Northern Ireland. His work has been exhibited all over the world including Louvre Paris, Triennale Milan, Peru, Korea, USA and many many more. Paramount to his designs is for them to have substance that communicate a strong and meaningful message. His sensitivity and passion make him a unique designer which has humanity at the very core of his work. You can find more about ‘Put Yourself in Their Shoes’ here on this facebook page.