Adobe Photoshop Touch lets you transform images using core Photoshop features designed for a tablet, as well as new capabilities specifically tailored for mobile design and social networking. With Adobe Photoshop Touch, you can:

  • Create new images by combining photos, choosing elements to edit, and applying filters and other effects.
  • Quickly find images, share your creations, and view comments – all from within the app thanks to integration with Facebook and Google.
  • Access interactive tutorials that can help you quickly achieve great-looking results.
  • Upload your files to Adobe Creative Cloud so that they are easy to open in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

In this initial release, Adobe offeres a core set of Photoshop capabilities designed for a tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and effects. The app tries to utilize the unique characteristics of a tablet device, for example, the ‘Camera Fill’ feature feedins a live stream from your device’s camera right into an active layer or selection.

Tablet devices are destined to become part of creative workflows and these companion Photoshop applications are just the first indications of the creativity we can expect from Adobe and our developer community. With our Touch SDK, we are going to see some astonishing new ways to keep Photoshop at the heart of the creative process no matter what the device – desktop computer, Android tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook or iOS device. —Adobe

Principal Product Manager John Nack and a team of talented engineers have delivered the goods with the goal of bringing Adobe digital imaging magic to a wide range of people. A tablet app allows us to deliver some features a seasoned professional can appreciate and an interface that gives new users opportunities to learn more. Photoshop users interested in mobile design and photo editing will have the freedom to brainstorm and create in Photoshop Touch, and then access their artwork through the newly announced Adobe Creative Cloud to take it further in Photoshop CS5. Anyone can enjoy Photoshop Touch for quick social photo compositing – that is to grab two images, remove the background from one, blend the results, and share it out with friends. In-app integration with Google Image Search and Facebook make this a seamless experience, and interactive tutorials help new users learn advanced techniques. The Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) has also been rolled into the general Photoshop SDK.

The new Photoshop Touch app was announced by Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer at Adobe, as part of a larger rollout of Adobe Touch Appsallowing creative professionals to design, edit, and elegantly present from the convenience of a tablet device. Whether you use a stylus or just your fingertip, these six powerful apps provide easy, precise control for a variety of creative tasks. Photoshop Touch would be available for the iPad in a few weeks as well. Adobe Photoshop Touch is priced at US$9.99 and can be purchased in a few days from Adobe’s Website.

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