3 thoughts on “Wikipedia: New Identity Concept

  1. 1. strokes too thin. they'll have a problem with scaling, and ink-trapping, and with contrast.

    2. 'W' is from the english-alphabet. Wikipedia is multi-lingual. They should have gone for a non-script based approach to design, else this is still Latin-script elitism. I'd like to counter with logo-designs made in Indic as well as Chinese scripts.

    1. Yes Niyam, I agree but we have to understand that studios frequently make such pitches for popular / big brands. I remember Base Now's proposed rebrand of NASA in 2010. http://www.basenow.net/2010/05/24/a-proposal-to-g….

      The usefulness of such attempts doesn't lie in the final solution but in the fact that they open discussions for rebranding of popular organizations / brands. Wikipedia is big now. It has grown up and what Moving Brand's attempt suggests is that it could be time when Wikipedia got a new suit!

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