Human Rights now has an identity! Predrag Stakic, a 32 year old graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia has been announced as the winner of a competition to find a logo for human rights. His symbol ‘Free As a Man’ was selected through the Human Rights Logo Competition, which began with the purpose of finding an international symbol for human rights. His entry was selected from over 15,000 submissions that were received from more than 190 countries. The logo was unveiled at a ceremony in New York organized by Cinema for Peace. The Human Rights logo will become an open source product, free to be used by everyone, everywhere, without restrictions – for the purpose of promoting Human Rights. The winning logo called ‘Free as a Man’, was chosen for its symbolic power, distinctiveness, clarity and universal applicability. The initiative was established out of conviction that a human rights logo will make a peaceful contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights. In order to find this logo, a global creative online competition with cash prizes and open to everyone was launched. The initiative had the support of renowned stakeholders, supporters and partners from all walks of life.

Unveiling of the Logo

Robert De Niro (Actor), Ann Curry (TV Journalist), Michael Elliott (ONE President & CEO), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder), Guido Westerwelle (German Minister of Foreign Affairs), Angelina Atyam (Human Rights Defender from Uganda), Members of the Bouazizi Family (Revolutionary Tunisian Street Vendor) unveil the new logo.

No single logo can change the world – including this one. But a logo is a symbol that people can rally around — and they can change the world. – Stakic

Other Finalists

You can read the original press release and download the logo here:

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