Color is one of the strongest and most important elements in any design. Color attracts the eye and can influence emotions, moods and judgment. The right color choices help communicate a message and greatly increase a product’s and/or campaign’s chance of success. ‘Color in Design Awards’ are presented by the How & Print magazines to designers and creative agencies for outstanding use of color in design and communication.

Entries are judged on color-focused criteria, including: how the color palette (whether one or multiple colors) enhances the design and how colors used in the piece add to the impact of the design and help to communicate the intended message. Judges also look for innovative color combinations and bold use of color that add to the work’s appeal.

Winners are to be featured in both HOW and Print magazines as well as their websites, the Pantone website, and celebrated in a newly created online Color in Design Collection, which will include details about the project, a link to your website, and a brief profile. Winning designs will be seen by one of the largest audiences of creative professionals ever.


Entry Deadline: November 1, 2011
Eligibility: Any printed graphic design work, website or other interactive communication published or appearing between November 1, 2010 and November 1, 2011—including promotion, advertising, logos and symbols, packaging, book jackets and lots more.
Entry Fees: $40 for the first entry. $30 for additional entries.

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VSUAL showcases some of the winning entries of 2011:

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